Rosie The Riveter Analysis

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After learning about a brief history of the World War in my high school, I have been fascinated with the events in World War II, and its significant impacts on world progress in technology, culture, and politic. For the short introduction about Rosie, she appeared in many of the media and propaganda poster around the time of World War II (WW2 from Space, 2015). Although she was thought to be an actual woman named Rose Will Monroe in Michigan who worked as a riveter on B-24 and B-49 bomber airplanes in the war factory as portrayed by media at the time (World War II History Videos, 2017), the actual Rosie the Riveter was nothing but an iconic figure for the empowerment of women and replacement for the lack of labor force in America. Not only…show more content…
In retrospect, “Rosie the Riveter” propaganda has a bitter edge to it. It would hard to imagine how some women would feel used after they got a taste of self-sufficiency purpose and as soon as the wartime ended these purposes for women were no longer needed. These women were rejected out of their jobs in the post-war years (Wallace, 2011). Without the women’s help in America’s industries, it would be hard for America to overpower and obtain its supremacy to help its allies in Russia and England to defeat Germany. The journey of Rosie was indeed an important influence on the women around the world, because she was able to show capability of women to do more than house chores and tend to the needs of her children. These women had joined the air force to fight against the German and Japanese during the war. Her contribution to the world of women was huge and it is still recognized to this day that women are considered to be as equal as men. The story of Rosie was an important history lesson to the younger generation of women today to look for inspiration as well as motivation in her many exemplary qualities as an admirable
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