Rosie The Riveter Poster Analysis

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The position of Rosie the Riveter’s arm and uniform is yet another significant design that was overlooked by majority of people in society during that time. Rosie is rolling up her sleeve with one arm and is flexing her muscle with the other. In addition, she is wearing a Westinghouse employee badge that was often seen on various Westinghouse employees. This made Rosie the Riveter more relevant and relatable to the ordinary, American woman. The top half of her arm is straight and the well-known blue employee shirt is midway on her arm. (Honey 113) This is showing off Rosie’s power and muscle. It is a symbolism for a women’s movement. It was time to make a stand and prove to men that women can accomplish an equivalent job and even better than men. Rosie the Riveter was conservative in the poster because she was not wearing a filthy, soiled Westinghouse employee…show more content…
This signifies that Rosie the Riveter maintained an organized lifestyle. It was a demonstration to the American woman that just because you submit yourself to the factory work force does not mean you cannot maintain a clean and tidy lifestyle. Leaving your house and comfort zone to do a “man’s job” does not mean you cannot still be a woman. Everything in the Rosie the Riveter poster is tidy and organized. J. Howard Miller had a hidden message within the idea of creating the poster in this image. He wanted American women to see the power in Rosie’s bicep but also the neatness and how conservative she was in her work uniform. He wanted to advertise that the two concepts could be balanced. This approach reached out the millions of women because it once again proved reassurance. Many women were doubtful that they could not leave for the work force without giving up something in their personal life. It pushed them to make the final decision to join Westinghouse and various other factories in the United States during World War
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