Rosie The Riveter Thesis

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Rosie the Riveter Could you imagine not being able to pursue the job you have always dreamed of doing? Rosie the Riveter inspired women during World War Two that they could take the job positions of men who were fighting the fight to save their country. “Rosie the Riveter” was the start of a government campaign that led women towards working during World War Two, and she became known all around the world as the woman with the slogan “we can do it”. To begin with, Rosie the Riveter means being strong mentally and physically. “Rosie” is very iconic especially during the World War Two era, but she is a fictional character that has a lot of meaning and is based on real - life munition workers ( Staff, 2010). Although there is no real “Rosie” there was a model that helped kickstart the campain; her name was Rose Will Monroe (“Rosie the Riveter -”). The Artist who designed the portrait for the campaign was Norman Rockwell ( Staff, 2010). He drew the more unknown version of Rosie the Riveter; which was a buff woman, holding a ham sandwich, with the American flag proudly in the background as she stomped her foot on…show more content…
But it wasn’t till May 1942 that congress began to allow women to enroll in the U.S Army, and by 1945 there were over 6,000 female officers at work ( Staff, 2010). Roughly 350,000 women joined the armed services and served both at home and abroad. ( Staff, 2010). During this war a group of women called WASPs, or Women’s Airforce Service Pilots were the first women to fly an American Military aircraft ( Staff, 2010). There were also women in the army who helped build weapons, planes, bombs and even tanks to help the soldiers fighting World War Two (“Rosie the Riveter -”). Since congress allowed women the right to serve in the military, many women today now have an opportunity to be an American
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