Rostam: A Great Ancient Persian Hero

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In the modern world we see heroes to be very prominent in the safety of our lives. We see heroes everywhere like police officers to firefighters, but heroes now are completely different than heroes from the past. Based from prior knowledge of heroes, many would think that heroes are people with exquisite strength, superior intelligence, and sacrifices their lives to save others, but heroes in the past are just more than that. In the Story of Rostam, a famous ancient Persian hero who saved many Persian lives, we learn what truly makes a great ancient hero. A great hero is a person who remains loyal to someone who is higher in status than they are, a person who believes in justice and righteousness, and all tends to fall caused by arrogance.…show more content…
We see this happening in Rostam, when Rostam prays to God and his father for the survival of his journey to Mazanderan, the kingdom of the demons. He said to God and father, “I shall sacrifice my body and soul for the king and smash these sorcerers and their talismans” (87). This shows the strong fidelity that Rostam has for his king because he is willing to give up his life to save the king of Persia on a treacherous journey across the land of the demons. Many other ancient heroes has also sworn allegiance and became loyal to their king. An example would be Odysseus, a famous Greek king who endured a long journey back home. He showed loyalty during the Trojan War when he listened to King Agamemnon’s orders. This shows how all heroes has one person whom they remain loyal to, may that be one’s country, king, or…show more content…
Many heroes like Rostam’s king, Kavus, or Odysseus has shown numerous examples of being just. King Kavus has returned home from Mazanderan and has mended his ways of being an arrogant king. This was where he “with the sword of justice he smote the neck of sorrow, and in his heart there was no thought of death…the king grew powerful in his just ways and faith, and the hands of Ahriman were tied” (114). Kavus now has become a just king and became fair to his people. He traveled through his kingdom and gave gifts to everyone and made sure that his kingdom is stable. Odysseus also did a similar righteous act. When he returned home to Ithaca, he slaughtered all the suitors who were making mess in his castle. At first this may not seem just and righteous but the outcome of this was peace for all his people and his family, which shows that justice is served. All heroes has done an act where they showed justice and righteousness which is why all heroes believe in these two
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