Roswell Case Study

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On the evening July 3rd Dan Wilmot, a local business owner in Roswell reported an unusual sighting to the Roswell Daily Record. The object appeared to be a saucer with glowing lights about 25 feet across moving Northwest at about 400-500 miles per hour. A few day later Mac Brazel, a local rancher, went to check on his sheep after a night of thunderstorms. He discovered a large amount of debris scattered around his pastures. He contacted Sheriff George Wilcox, who suspecting the debris to be related to milatary operations contacted authroies at Roswell Army Air Field. Major Jessie Marcel, an intelligence officer at the 509th Bomb Group was involved in the recovery of the wrecage stated that, “ would not burn...that stuff weighs nothing, it’s so thin, i isn’t any hicker than a package of cigarrettes.…show more content…
We even tried making a dent in it with a 15 ound sledge hammer. And there was still no dent.” A press release was issued by the 509th Bomb group stating that wreckage of a crashed disc had been recovered. However a few hours later a second press release was publised explaine that the disc was incorrectly identified and was actully a weather balloon. Later the Ballard Funeral Home was contacted to provide motuary servises for Roswell Air Field. A nurse who had been in attendence during the autopsies at the base hospital described the subjects as several, “..several small non human bodies..” After this statement the nurse was abruptly transferred to England. The son of Jesse Marcel, Dr Marcel had accompannied his father during the retriviel efforts and regularly testifies his belief of a UFO crash at the Roswell Ranch. Every other witness to the crash wreckage or subsequent recovery effors have seemed to have fallen of the face of the
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