Rota Meter Essay

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Rota Meter : Rota Meter is device used for measure mass flow rate of liquid in closed tube. Range : (0 to 6) liter per minute Experimental Setup : CH-3.2 : Spraying Components Rotary Pump : This pump will pressurize the pesticides from the pesticides tank transfer the liquid to the nozzle by means of piping system. It made by Speed Company. Sprayers : Sprayers used to spray high pressure liquid to the filed. Wheels : Wheels are used for propel the equipment. Required diameter : 15 inch Pulley : Pulley is connected with the wheel so that as the wheel rotate the pulley gets the rotation that’s help the pump to get the pressure which is connected with pulley by means of belt. Diameter : 9 Inch Belt : Belt…show more content…
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