Rotocopter Lab Report

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A rotocopter is a smaller simpler version of a helicopter. The rotocopter displays two simple blades that are re shaped into a rectangle a circle and a triangle as the experiment is conducted. These results allow us to determine how the blade shape affects a rotocopter’s flight time. Although the helicopter looks to be complex and maculate the helicopter and the rotocopter have many similarities. Such as each depending on rotors and how the rotors are designed.
The aircraft in its self is one of the most crucial part that a rotocopter requires. There are a large variety of designs to suit the conditions of the flight, and it absolutely vital the design meets the requirements needed for flight. Examples include the rotocopters
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Staircase Falling hazard Don’t lean over railing and be careful as you are walking up and down the staircase Material
 Scissors
 Rotocopter template
 Pen or pencil (preferably pencil)
 Stopwatch
 Ruler
 Notebook( to write times)
 Paperclip
 Staircase

Part A
1. The Rotocopter template was given out
2. The template was cut out and folded on the dotted lines.
3. The hard lines, located above C and D were then cut
4. The sections C and D were then folded backwards and the bottom of section C and D was then secured with a paperclip.
5. The hard line between A and B was then cut.
6. The sections A and B were then folded, A the opposite way to B.
7. The blades were cut in the shapes of a triangle.
8. This was repeated 2 more time but cut into the shapes of a circle and one was left as a rectangle.

Part B
1. The rotocopter was taken the top of the B block staircase.
2. The rotocopter was then dropped
3. The flight time was recorded
4. Steps 1-3 were repeated in till three accurate drops were completed for one of the three shaped bladed rotocopters.
5. Once the data had been recorded a new shape was picked and dropped.
6. Repeat steps

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