Rough And Finish Carpentry

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Rough and Finish Carpentry Carpentry is the career of constructing and repairing building frameworks and structures like stairways, doorframes, or walls. Carpenters may also install cabinets, siding or drywall (“Carpenters summary”). But there are different types of carpenters that specialize in different aspects of building. For example when rough carpenters also known as framers build the main structure or frame of the building, while finish carpenters trim out the structure to make it look better. Even though rough and finish carpenters go through very similar career training, their job responsibilities are very different. Framers specialize in turning blueprints into sturdy internal structures of buildings (Graham). Framers have the…show more content…
One of the advantages in this career is that it has a high amount of self employed workers (“Carpenter and Carpentry”). This career has more self employed workers than any other profession. In fact in 2012 out of 901,200 carpenters about thirty-six percent of them were self employed which is nearly 324,432 workers that work for themselves (“Carpenters Summary”). There are also many more jobs becoming available with an increasing demand and a decreasing supply of well trained carpenters. It is actually expected that the number of jobs for both finish and rough carpenters will grow twenty four percent from 2012 to 2022 (“Carpenters Summary”). Carpenters in both of these fields also receive about the same amount pay. The average carpenter in 2002 earned anywhere from $12.60 an hour to $22 an hour with a $16.50 an hour median wage (“Carpenter and Carpentry”). All of these are great advantages and make this career sound like something that everyone would want to do but where there are advantages there are also disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages that these two jobs share is really safety concerns with the job site constantly changing carpenters are at a high risk of injury and have a high rate of injuries. Their are some jobs that require the skills of both a finish and rough carpenter. Like building a deck it takes the know how of a rough carpenter to build the structure of a deck and to make sure that it is strong enough to hold the weight of whatever may be on it (Henkenius). But Someone also needs to know how to do finish carpentry in order to make everything look good and to stain the wood like they would stain trim in a house (Henkenius). It takes someone who knows how to do both finish and rough carpentry to do jobs like building
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