Rough Draft: An Essay On Child Labor

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Rough Draft: Child Labor Essay “Saga estimated that as many as 20,000 families could be affected, since 70 percent of the local market relies on them for work” (page 5, paragraph 26). It is acceptable to purchase products made by children in factories of foreign countries under monitored conditions. Underage workers are required to produce products in factories. There has been a debate between many people of whether or not child labor should be condemned. However, “child labor” is a broad expression. Children in third world countries need the money from their jobs in the factory. “In other cultures, children are expected to work together with their parents. This happens not only with financial need, but also as part of the family’s work ethics” (Page 9, paragraph 49). Their version of childhood is different than how some of us may see it. They are used to working…show more content…
“...When the U.S. Congress threatened to ban the import of clothing made by children under 14 in Bangladesh, around 50,000 of them went from their jobs in the relatively clean textile factories to collecting garbage” (Page 8, paragraph 46.) The children, desperate for a job, need to work and so they don’t find a problem with working in factories. In fact, if they weren’t working in factories they would have to be out on the streets looking for work that they may not be guaranteed. People feel that children should not be working in factories due to the unsafe conditions. However, most children ages 14 and younger are safer in the factories then if they were not working. “There is no link to terrorist activity here, because everyone is involved in their work” (Page 7, paragraph 46). It is better for them to be inside the walls of the factory than to be mixed up with all the problems involving terrorism. If the children were not working in the factories and they had to find jobs on the street they would be more exposed to harm and
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