Rough Draft Diary Analysis

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Dear diary, this past year has been the worst year of my life on our small farm in Iowa. My wife Jane had a miscarriage when she only had 4 months left with our soon to be 4th child then she got really sick and then that made my 3 year old daughter Roberta sick too and she died as well. So i 've been thinking that moving away from everything that 's happened, is the best choice for me and my two sons jeffrey and andrew. We will stop at independence missouri first, then through kansas, nebraska, wyoming, idaho, and then we will reach our new life in oregon. My oldest son jeffrey who 's 17 and my other son andrew whose 12 are going to help me turn our farm wagon into a prairie schooner so we can get going. We are only able to bring certain…show more content…
Once we pulled into independence I was amazed it was so crowded with wagons once we went through I saw this small little general store so we went closer and it was called Jorgensen general store and there were stuff we might need so I thought I would check it out. The boys took the wagon to somewhere where we could stay for the night and to feed the oxen and the other animals while I go to Jorgensen general store. Before I went I asked all of my wagon train people if they wanted to go with the leader of our wagon train is mr Marvin Ives because they have 2 older sons ones 20 and ones 18 the second on after him is mr and mrs Larry Morris they have a 3 year old daughter and 3 oxen so they would be a good match for second in the train the third one is us we planned for it to be us because at the time we met which was at the bar and we all talked about it my wife and daughter were still alive and she was pregnant so we were gonna be close to the middle the fourth one is mr and mrs Paul brown they are cabinet makers that have a pair of oxen and are fit for there spot the last one is tony Wilson he 's alone and he 's from New York and he doesn 't know much so we have him in the back so he won 't hold anyone back in the train. When we got to the general store I bought more salt just in case and that 's about all I needed then I left. We are leaving independence
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