Joseph V. Stalin Rough Draft

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Joseph Stalin: Rough Draft

Joseph V. Stalin was born in a small little town named Gori in the country of Georgia which is located just below Russia. He was birthed on December 18th, 1878. He was born by his two parents Besarion Jugashvili, who was his father, and Ekaterina Geladze, who was his mother. Stalin was not the only child they had however, they had two sons prior to Stalin's birth who both passed during infancy. Stalin's father was a cobbler and his mother was a house-cleaner. The problem with Stalin's life growing up was that his father was an alcoholic. Like some alcoholics his father was abusive to his mother. So, I guess you could say that Stalin came from a bit of a broken home.

Stalin's father would drunkenly beat him and his mother almost daily. To escape his father's wrath, Stalin and his mother moved into a friend's house. This friend was named Christopher Charkviani. Which was when her house cleaning took off because people were feeling sympathy towards her. Even after this whole episode went down with her and her abusive husband, Ekaterina was still determined to send Stalin to school. Believe it or not, no one in her family had ever felt the achievement of sending one of their children to school. So she would be the first but certainly not the last.

Stalin excelled academically in all categories. He was a
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In the aftermath of WWII, Britain declined abruptly leaving The US and The Soviet Union as the superpowers of the world. Tensions between the two grew thus beginning the Cold War. America pushed to take its dominance to every continent but so did the Soviet Union. As with almost every villain, power quickly went to Stalin's head. Stalin ruled over the Union with an iron fist embalmed in the blood of his people. He brutalized civilians in order to "make an example" of those who would commit crimes such as murder, treason, etc. Depending on who you are, this can be taken as a good or bad
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