Rough Life In The Outsiders

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Life of the Greasers Ponyboy has grown up in a rough society, but when he finally breaks, things get from bad to terrifying in a matter of minutes. Ponyboy is the protagonist of The Outsiders, a book by S.E. Hinton. Ponyboy is considered as a normal boy in his neighborhood, he is part of a gang and lives with his two older brothers. Ponyboy and his gang stick together through everything, allowing them to survive their rough lives. The bond of loyalty between Ponyboy and his gang is vital for survival, shown by the way that the gang responds to the violence between the classes, what Ponyboy and his gang do to survive, and how they help each other survive their social class rivalries. The loyalty that Ponyboy and his gang have during their…show more content…
“‘Don’t you know a rumble ain’t a rumble unless I’m in it?’ I couldn’t answer because the Soc, who was heavier than I took him for, had me pinned and was slugging the sense out of me.” (144) Ponyboy was taking part in the fight between his gang and the Socs, where, because he was still weak from being away for so long without proper food, he was being beat up. Ponyboy had insisted to take part of the fight because he was loyal to his gang, and because the gang was loyal to him as well, Ponyboy was able to take part of the fight. “‘...and Two-Bit came blubberin’ over here with some tale about how you were running a fever before the rumble…’” (156) Ponyboy was in no condition to fight, but because Two-Bit had held his mouth for the sake of letting Ponyboy join the fight, he fought with the rest of the gang. Even though Two-Bit held his tongue long enough to let Ponyboy fight, he also told Darry what had happened. Ponyboy is lucky to have a gang that is loyal with each other, and it helped him survive the rough society that he is growing up
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