Round Characters In The Kite Runner

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Characterization Round Character Round characters are characters that are well-developed and act like real people. Amir was one of these characters. Amir started out as a privileged boy who could not live up to his father’s expectations. He was jealous of Hassan and, eventually, sacrifices him to earn Baba’s favor; however, this action brings him guilt. The story shows Amir trying to redeem himself from his childish and cowardly acts of the past as he becomes more selfless and braver. Baba was another round character. Although, at first, he seems like a great, untouchable figure that could wrestle bears, he becomes more human-like and ordinary when he moved to America. Before, he had a very high social standing, and he seemed like he could achieve anything. However, after going to America, he drops to the bottom of the social ladder and now works at a gas station. To make him seem even more normal, Baba gets cancer and becomes thin and weak. The story shows that Baba was more than just a manly, confident guy. Hassan was also shown as round character. Hassan was portrayed as a loyal, compassionate, and selfless friend throughout the story. However, after being raped, he lost interest in the things he once loved. Despite that, he was always put in a good light and was extremely forgiving of Amir’s actions, and he could not hold a grudge.…show more content…
A great example of this is Hassan. Hassan stayed loyal to Amir throughout the entire story and could not think of him in a bad light. In fact, in the letters he left for Amir, Hassan talked to him like an old friend instead of someone who betrayed him. Assef was also a static character because he never changed from his cruel and evil ways. He enjoyed killing and raping and was the main antagonist of the story. Other static characters include Ali, Rahim Khan, and Soraya because they did not change during the story, most likely because of their limited
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