Rousseau And Frankenstein Exile Analysis

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Reveries’s Rousseau and Frankenstein’s creature are exile because of mankind’s judgement. They share the “wounded walker” trope: an individual forced into exile from mistreatment, and who use their displacement to fuel self-discovery. However, their journeys begin dissimilarly because of their difference in voluntary and forced exile. Rousseau’s exile is motivated by mistreatment from accusations towards his works; his writing was considered destructive towards Catholic and government ideals. Out of protest, his books were burned, and the occupants of towns he attempted to reside in were encouraged to attack him. However, his leave was by choice following his peers’s influence on Rousseau to believe he was always under scrutiny. His exile…show more content…
Mary Wollstonecraft’s review of Olaudah Equiano’s Interesting Narrative consider how perceived physical differences have wrongly expanded on the importance of identity and education further carried in the creature’s grotesque biology. It first notices the power imbalances between himself and the De Lacey’s when it becomes aware of its physical difference in the “transparent pool” [Shelley 89]. After learning he “God-like science” of language, he hopes to learn it so that it may help gain the affections of the family to “overlook [his] deformity”and gain him entry into society [Shelley 89]. He confides in the blind man who he views of equal power with his observations, because he is also exiled by his sight. Their mutual hindrance renders them a likely pair, as the blind man is unable to be swayed by the monster’s stature. The monster’s speech, his most convincingly human characteristic moves the blind man. The monster’s plea to “not desert [him] in the hour of trail” expresses the severity of his desire [Shelley 121]. Despite his benevolence, he is again exiled. This is partly in fact to his Orphan Complex, where establishing mature relationships can be difficult [_____]. In this case the monster appears needy and clingy in desperation to make sure others wont leave him. However, his use of
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