Rousseau And Hegel Conformity

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Everybody seems to have a different opinion on whether or not there is a definitive human nature, and if it is possible for people to make important choices regarding their lives. Humans are very complex creatures, and it is often difficult to generalize to the entire population because we are so complex and different from one another. People have been trying to figure out others since humans first started to communicate, but humans are a living paradox because they are predictable yet unpredictable. On one hand, human beings are typically creatures of habit, but on the other hand, sometimes they will do something unexpected at the drop of a hat and surprise everybody. Humans as a whole have come along way in figuring others out, but yet there is so much that is not known about humans, because it is impossible to know what others are truly thinking. Since the start of societies, human behaviors have been determined by multiple factors and social expectations. For example, people tend to act differently based on the situation they are in; typically, they will assess the situation and…show more content…
Rousseau and Hegel believe that humans do not have a coherent and identifiable human nature, and that humans are not capable of making meaningful choices about how to live. This is demonstrated through Rousseau and Hegel’s belief in conformity. If everybody is the same, there is no independent thinking, and therefore there is no need to make individual choices about how to live. Without a coherent human nature, the best way to live according to Rousseau and Hegel is to all basically be the same person and live the same way so the general will can be beneficial to all members of the community. Conformity in Rousseau and Hegel’s opinion is the best way to give the people a secure and successful life, which is the goal when creating a
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