Routine Activities Theory And Situational Crime Prevention Essay

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Routine activities theory and situational crime prevention are similar in context. Routine activities theory sets to explain crime by factors that influence a range of choices in crime available to individuals. These choices include three elements: motivated offenders, lack of cable guardians, and a suitable target. Routine activities also argues that certain lifestyles increase exposure to risk of victimization. Similarly there is situational crime prevention. Situational crime prevention looks more at the role of opportunity in both causing and preventing crime and believes that making choice of crime less attractive will decrease crime. This theory states that the nature of situation can affect their choices to break the law and that there…show more content…
I would take the first step to make sure there are no physical opportunities or that you aren’t a suitable target. For example don’t leave big boxes of new appliances, TV’s, etc. outside your front door so no offender knows that there is an opportunity or something nice in your house. To reduce the risk of property crime you would also want to make crime less attractive and the increase the idea of a capable guardian by increasing lighting around your home and getting security alarms, or get a security alarm sign for your yard so the offender thinks you have one. By doing this you will be making the choice of property crime look less attractive, as well as making sure you don’t look like a suitable target and there doesn’t seem to make a lack of a capable guardian. If you have no obvious sign you have nice stuff, and have good lighting and a security system an offender also isn’t going to be motivated to steal your stuff. When it comes to violent crime reduction there are also different precautions to take. One major one would to be mixing up your day- to -day routine. By mixing up your routine an offender isn’t going to know when the best time to attack would be so they would be less motivated to attack. Other precautions would be to not go out at night or alone. If you go out alone you are going to be seen as a more suitable target than with other people because

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