Routine Activities Theory: Preventing Crime And Delinquency Today

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The theory that first stands out to me is the routine activity theory, although I don’t think the classic theory as a whole is necessarily true because it says crime is always a voluntary choice. I think when juveniles commit crime their usually is a reason they are acting out, however according to the text the routine activity theory says that crime is closely related to three things which are suitable targets, absence of capable guardians, and the presence of motivated offenders. I think the biggest one is the absence of capable guardians, when parents are too busy for their children they don’t create a routine for their kids, leaving them with more free time, therefore if they are feeling lonely or feeling like they are missing something they will act out towards easy targets. Q 4. which of the individual explanations do you believe offer the best solutions for preventing crime and delinquency today? The positive activity theory offers the best solution for preventing crime and delinquency. This is because these theorists do not assume that crime is a rational choice and that punishment alone is not the best way to respond. Although punishments should still be assessed, individual and social factors that are causing the crime should also be…show more content…
I think it does make some sense that our diet, mood and behavior are related. Our bodies need a balanced diet to fully function well, when people are on a fast food diet it usually lead to obesity and health issues these health issues is the body rejecting this food. An example of a beverage that clearly effects a person’s mood or behavior is an either an energy drink or coffee drink. The caffeine in these drinks can almost immediately give a person more energy but also later creates a crash, another food item that does similar things is sugary foods such as donuts or other desserts. I think sometimes it is pretty obvious the amount of energy a person who eats healthy has vs a person who does not a follow a healthy
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