Rowing Boat Racing: The Different Types Of Boating

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Under the general term of boating there will be many different forms of propelling a vehicle and many different types of boat themselves. There will also be different levels of competitiveness with each type of boating. For example Rowing Boat Racing, by its very nature, is competitive, (unless training), whereas the provision of simple boats for recreational boating does not necessarily involve competition
For simplicity we have divided the general category of boating into the following sub-categories: In view of the ‘environmentally friendly’ image that the State should portray, Jet Skiing, Knee/wake and ski boarding has not been included at this stage due to the noise and environmental pollution factor. • Rowing
• Sailing
• Cruising
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For most recreational sailing the most commonly used sailing boats are dinghies and within the dingy class there are a number of subdivisions which emphasise the speed, stability and handling aspects of sailing. Dinghy sailing is the activity of sailing small boats on much smaller lakes, by using the sails, adjustable centreboard and rudder. It also involves adjusting the trim and balance of the sails by changing the body position of the crew (which can be single or many). Sailing on inland waters has a number of advantages over coastal sailing, most notably the safety aspects and the lack of tide to take into account.
Requirements for effective sailing include a minimum depth of 1.5 metres, and because of the distances that can be achieved in a relatively short time, this activity requires large open expanses of water with a minimum of 50 hectares being the norm. For recreational (non-competitive sailing)
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Most areas that encourage sailing also have some form of marina type facilities with a clubhouse, changing rooms and toilet facilities. The establishment of the sailing school is important, as we understand that no such facility exists apart from the Nainital Yacht Club on Nainital Lake.
A kayak is a light narrow canoe covered at the top. There are a number of different types of kayak depending on the use they are put to. Different types of kayak include white water kayaks, which are extremely manoeuvrable and are designed to become almost part of the kayaker’s body.
Recreational kayaks are stable, all-purpose vessels that are easily paddled and are, in the main used for inland waters especially lakes. More recently ‘sit on top kayaks’ have been developed which you, literally, sit on top of. These can be great fun for beginners. In recent years inflatable kayaks
Uttarakhand Tourism Development Master Plan Main Report
April 2008 285 have been developed but generally the best boats are made of fibreglass, plastic, wood and in better kayaks, Kevlar.
For large numbers of people their first experience of a water sport will be in a form of kayak.

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