Roy Adaptation Model Essay

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In Roy Adaptation Model, individuals and groups are considered as adaptive systems whose behavior is a response to environmental stimuli. The adaptation system has input coming from the external environment as well as internally from the person. Along with stimuli, the adaptation level of the person acts as input to that person as an adaptation system. Adaptation level is constantly changing aspect which is influenced by the coping mechanism of that person. Output are the behaviors of the person, acts as both external and internal, these behaviors can be measured, observed, or subjectively reported. Output behaviour becomes feedback to the system and may be either adaptive or ineffective responses. In addition, these responses may promote the…show more content…
This act has negative or positive results that the teenager perceived. Some mode of adaptation focuses on promotes the ability of human adaptive systems to adjust effectively to changes in the environment and also to create changes in the environment. So it will help to find out the effects of teenage pregnancy on mother and baby and help to prevent the teenage pregnancy.
In Roy Adaptation Model guided research participants may be individuals or groups who are well or who have acute or chronic medical conditions. Appropriate research methods include qualitative and quantitative descriptive, correlational, and experimental research design. Data may be gathered in any health care setting in which human adaptive systems are found. Research instruments should reflect the unique focus and intent of the Roy Adaptation Model.
Roy models focused on both qualitative as well as quantitative approach, which is related with this study in mixed method approach. Therefore the researcher selects the mixed method approach in study. Data analysis techniques include content analysis for qualitative and nonparametric and parametric statistical procedures, and simple statistical procedure for quantitative
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