Roy And Candice Argumentative Essay

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Per Reporter: Brianna informed Ms. Mating (9/28/17) that she was scared to go home because Candice would not be home after school. Roy whips Brianna when she doesn’t do well on her vocabulary words. A month ago, Roy hit Brianna with a fly swatter on her leg and butt; the plastic part of the fly swatter fell off while Roy continued to hit her with the medal part. According to Brianna, there was marks or bruising, but there are none currently. Brianna mentioned that she is whipped often. In 2016, before Donte turned 4 years old, Roy choked him for breaking a phone. Candice is aware of the allegations. Roy frequently hits Candice. Brianna has witnessed Roy and Candice fighting. Roy and Candice fight most of the time in their room, but Brianna
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