Roy Baumeister Case Study

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Brief Examination 1. What are the main causes of violent behavior according to Roy Baumeister? Ans. According to Baumeister, there are four main causes of violent behaviour- Greed, Lust, and Ambition; Egotism and Revenge; Idealism and True Believers; and Sadism (The nature). He believed that if people could achieve goals without crime, they would opt for it, but the lust is so high that sometimes it requires them to exercise violent behaviour to achieve what they want. Another thing he put stress on was ego- if the ego gets hurt, the person gets angry. Then he identified beliefs as a measure drive for the violent behaviour as people want to make their beliefs superior to others’. He also claimed that people get joy seeing others suffer leading to such behaviours. 2. What did the team of experts assigned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission have to determine about Tyson? Ans. The Nevada State Athletic Commission was clearly against the act of Tyson. The committee of 5 fined him for $3 million. According to one reporter, “The committee, with 4 to 1, took the decision to deny Tyson’s license after 18 months of hearing” (Thomas Hauser). Although they thought Tyson’s civil rights would be violated if taken away the license, they determined that Tyson’s history of antisocial behaviours was too much to…show more content…
Dysthymic disorder is a slow but long-term form of depression (Dysthymia). While suffering from the disease, the patient becomes hopeless. His/her interest in life lessens along with the ability to function fully. The Mayo clinic staff also pull out different symptoms in children and adults due to Dysthymia (Dysthymia). Major symptoms include- loss of interest in daily activities; saddening; hopelessness; low self-esteem, self-criticism; trouble making decisions; and excessive anger. In short, they are all a part of things every human do for a short period of time but those affected with Dysthymia have them for longer time that leads them to think
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