Roy Hobbs Quest Hero

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Roy Hobbs Quest Hero Essay I agree with the statement, “Roy Hobbs is an excellent example of a quest hero.” Roy demonstrated the characteristics of a quest hero in three main areas: he is seen as above ordinary mortals, he performs unusual feats at an early age and he travels through setbacks with ultimate triumph. In these areas Roy proved he is an excellent example of a quest hero. The first area where he demonstrated quest hero qualities was seen as above ordinary mortals. An example where this was clearly shown was when Roy pitched a baseball with such force that it got lodged within the batting cage’s netting. Another example where Roy was seen as above ordinary mortals was during his baseball game. During the game Roy hit four homeruns. This is an exceptional accomplishment for any…show more content…
Throughout the “Natural” Roy experienced several struggles and setbacks, but ultimately overcame them. The first major setback Roy experienced happened close to the beginning of the fil. Early in the movie Roy Hobbs was shot in the stomach by Harriet Bird. This setback cost Roy fifteen years of not playing major league ball. After making the “Knights” Roy Hobbs experienced his second setback. Roy’s second setback began when he started his relationship with Memo. When he started associating himself with Memo we witnessed a noticeable difference in his playing. According to Pop, Memo is bad luck and, “bad luck has a way of rubbing itself off on other people.” The last setback Roy faced was a result of taking back the deal with the Judge. After Roy declined the deal, he was poisoned. Roy was poisoned during a party to celebrate winning the league. Roy spent several days in the hospital because of the poisoning and almost missed the pennant game. However, like any true quest hero Roy overcame his struggles. Roy assisted his team to win the pennant and met his
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