Royal 750 Copier Case Study

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What are the products / services sold by RCC?
Royal 750 Colour copiers: the Royal 750 Copier was originally sold by copier experts in the equipment division of Royal. Sales representatives did not want to sell the colour copier exclusively and sales managers did not want to manage the colour copier specialists. The Royal 750 Colour copier was not a particularly successful product. The primary functions of the Royal 750 Copier are a quick copying, Expansion, reduction and straight replication.
Corporate Copy Centre: Royal Corporate Copy Centre is the means whereby Royal will equip, staff, operate and manage a reproduction operation for business on their own premises, first Royal analysis the business needs and then they select and install the
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The decision maker for each of the products would naturally be the sales managers or/ and sales executive. Sales executives are the key point of contact between an organisation and its clients: answering queries, offering advice and introducing new products. Their work includes, organising sales visits, demonstrating/presenting products, establishing new business, maintaining accurate records, attending trade exhibitions, conferences and meetings, reviewing sales performance and negotiating contracts. The decision maker for Royal 750 colour copiers could be a User who understand the technical expertise and can communicate its relevance to higher management. The decision maker for the Royal Corporation Centre (RCC) would be Low and Mid-Level Employees across functions and the decision maker for Royal Corporate Copy Centre would be for:
• Strategic high level Management, requires significant financial investment
• Operations: People who know the technicalities and requirements
• Finance: Depending on how much the customised solution costs

The benefits of each of the products/services to the user
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Although she hasn’t sold and struggling to sell the Corporate Copy Centre, It can be argued that she might be going through a bad week or month. Tom Stein should look for or appoint an expert sales manager successful at selling the Corporate Copy Centre, to help Mary with her Corporate Copy Centre struggle. Tom Stein should be analysing Mary performance on an ongoing basis and then consistently providing her feedback. Tom should focus on Mary positive performances and comment on her excellent performance which show great way of motivate and empower her. Tom could also do a weekly sit down meeting with Mary to provide advice, support, direction and leadership to help enhance her

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