Royal Bank Observation Analysis

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Observation analysis
Based on our data findings from three vital departments of the Royal bank, there are some inferences and assumptions we can make about the operations of the departments in terms of empowerment and Organizational Behaviour as a whole. In analyzing the data collected, we would want to show how concepts of OB link with our main topic of study (Empowerment) in real life situations.
Although there are several OB concepts to relate our analysis to, we decided to focus on three concepts for Credit Administration department; appreciating individual differences, emotions, moods and stress management and work-related attitudes.
From the concept appreciating individual differences, we realized that employees in the Credit Administration
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These factors give workers the drive and direct them towards the goals they want to achieve and maintain (Greenberg, 2011). This creates emotions of achievement. Employees feel they can achieve the desired goal because they have been equipped with necessary materials and equipment and the support of their colleagues who also stand in for them when they are indisposed or absent and encourage them in the course of their work. Being commended by management also excites them as they realize their efforts are being noticed and…show more content…
Emphasis is placed on top employees when it comes to decision making. This system is commonly referred to as the hierarchical culture. Employees are given limited opportunity to participate in decision-making, they professed.
General observation analysis
Looking at the environment with employees carrying out their duties, the culture at the Royal Bank can be said to be hierarchical. The bank is interested in stability, order and control. As a bank, they have an external focus which consists of their relation to customers, other banks and the general economy. But there is a trait of internal focus (hierarchical) too. They rely on formal rules and procedures in doing things in the organization (Greenberg, 2011).
The employee make-up can be said to be diverse with females in the population. However, the number of females does not match up to the male population. The various departments are production teams because they perform day-to-day operations.
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