Royal Bank Observation Analysis

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Observation analysis Based on our data findings from three vital departments of the Royal bank, there are some inferences and assumptions we can make about the operations of the departments in terms of empowerment and Organizational Behaviour as a whole. In analyzing the data collected, we would want to show how concepts of OB link with our main topic of study (Empowerment) in real life situations. Although there are several OB concepts to relate our analysis to, we decided to focus on three concepts for Credit Administration department; appreciating individual differences, emotions, moods and stress management and work-related attitudes. From the concept appreciating individual differences, we realized that employees in the Credit Administration Department and the organization as a whole seek to achieve success irrespective of their individual differences during operations. This concept makes emphasis on the unique individual. According to Kinicki and Kreitner, a unique individual has four main personality traits such as self-efficacy, self-concept, self-monitoring (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2006). We would focus on just two of these traits; self-efficacy and self-monitoring. From our observations, employees showed traits of self-efficacy; in the department, there are only two employees who do most of the work required or delegated by their Head of Department. These employees stated the intensity of the workload and suggested that bringing more hands on deck would be helpful. In

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