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Human Consumption of Royal Jelly The use of royal jelly in a honeybee colony is crucial to the survival of a nest. Without the production of royal jelly, worker bees would not be able to rear queens, resulting in the death of a colony. Through research, we know that royal jelly contains lots of nutrients and key substances to support a queen bee and her health while she grows and develops, but does royal jelly benefit humans? Other honeybee materials, such as beeswax and honey, have been used as medicine and consumed by humans for thousands of years, but can royal jelly be used as well? Can humans consume royal jelly? And does consumption provide any health benefits? Records have shown that Humans, Homo sapiens, have kept bees and collected honey for thousands of years. Honey began as something humans ate as a delicacy, but then transitioned to being used for medicine in multiple cultures. The article, Honey in Medicine by Bongdanov (2015) discusses how the use of honey was mentioned by an ancient Chinese Emperor around 2000BC, as well as how the ancient Greeks considered honey as medicine that could prolong human life, if taken regularly. The ancient Greeks considered honey as medicine, and believed that if honey is taken regularly, human life could be prolonged. Overall this means that medicinal uses of honey…show more content…
One of which being pregnancy. The article suggests to readers not to consume royal jelly while pregnant or breast-feeding because its effects have not been fully researched. Topics such as asthma and skin irritation are also brought up due to the use of royal jelly. Reading this kind of material and discovering the negative side effects royal jelly can have, would usually deter consumers from buying the product, but many people are still using royal jelly as a health

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