Royal Plaza Hotel Case Study

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COLLAPSE OF THAILAND’S ROYAL PLAZA HOTEL Historic Civil Engineering Failure INTRODUCTION The frequency of building collapse in the recent times has become a major concern to all and sundry. The rate at which it is occurring and the magnitude of losses being record in terms of livesan property is becoming worrisome to the government .The Refurbishment projects involves construction regarding structural alterations, façade retentions, partial demolition, etc. Ever since, there are many collapses and other incidents resulted from refurbishment projects (Kashyap, et al., 2005) and there is yet often a risk of structural collapse on refurbishment projects involving structural alterations, facade retentions and demolition. Throughout history, there…show more content…
The hotel had been advertised as the finest in this provincial capital 130 miles northeast of Bangkok (Times Wire Services, 1993). With a purpose to add more rooms and utilizable space to handle the increasing number of visitors, the hotel was refurbished in 1993. In 1990, the original three-story hotel was topped with three additional floors, and, more recently, water storage tanks were erected on the roof (Magistad, 1993). Nevertheless, at 10:10 AM on August 13, 1993, Royal Plaza Hotel turned into the most unfortunate building collapse in the historical backdrop of Thailand and it stunned the country (Kanok-Nukulchai, 1995). The Royal Plaza Hotel collapsed quickly and thoroughly, leaving high just the front lift lobby, which was structurally autonomous from whatever remains of the building. The collapse of the Royal Plaza is strange in light of the fact that building collapses regularly happen amid or soon after…show more content…
The Royal Plaza Hotel collapse in Thailand in 1993 has been a proof to this statement as it has been a historic civil engineering failure of Thailand and of the world. A six-story hotel where hundreds of people from around the world were attending conferences came crashing down, in which the collapse was connected to work in 1990 to add three top floors. The hotel was being renovated when it collapsed. Building collapses are not rare in Thailand because of sometimes slipshod construction techniques and a laxity in enforcing building codes. The continuous event of building collapse is turning into a noteworthy issue. This does lead to loss of significant lives as well as real property misfortune. Episodes of building collapse have been accounted for from most nations and the records continue

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