Royalty And Power In Macbeth

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Why are people always wanting to be at the top of the Social Pyramid? Macbeth is a play about people wanting power and if they aren't at the top, they will do anything to be at the top. Macbeth was one of those people. He wanted to be King and did anything for it. This play included lots of motifs like Royalty. Their were kings, the lower class, and everyone in between. Shakespeare included lots of royalty, power and the responsibility that came with it. Shakespeare says that royalty can change people for the worst because when people get power, they tend to abuse it. I'm going to talk about how royalty plays an important role in Macbeth and how it affects the story. Throughout this act, we learn more about how royalty plays a big part in this play. In Act 1, Angus says, “We are sent to give thee from our royal master thanks; only to herald thee into his sight, Not pay thee” (I.iii.112-115). Angus is talking…show more content…
In Act III, Macbeth is now king and he wants people to respect him and listen to what he has to say. Macbeth talks to the murderers and they answer with,“We shall, my lord, perform what you command us” (III.i.139-140). Macbeth tells the servants to get his drink ready and tries to make everything seem normal before he commits the crime. This quote helps us get an understanding of how Macbeth wants to kill King Duncan and that he has put a lot of thought into it. He doesn't want anything to seem out of the ordinary so no one suspects him of anything when the time comes. This portrays royalty because the servants respond to Macbeth by calling him a “lord” and doing what he tells them to do. This quote proves that even though Macbeth wasn't king yet, he is trying to work his way up to the top by committing a large crime. The idea of becoming kind and having this kind of power is making Macbeth want more of it, therefore abusing this new power he is going to soon
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