Middle Ages Caste System

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In the Middle Ages, they had a strange way of calling their time period a perfect world. They lived in a time where Christianity was spreading the globe, art and music started to expand and Europe was becoming the strongest nation. Everything seemed to be right except for how people were living life. It was unfair the way everyone was separated into a class and all you did wrong was just be born into the wrong family. In the Middle Ages, there was an indefinite structure in society. You were born into a class of people and generally stayed in that class for your entire life. No matter how hard you worked you would stay in that life forever, they were ranked from, Royalty, hereditary Nobility, Non-Hereditary. Starting with the lowest group…show more content…
Royalty was the people who normally lived in the big castle governing the people who were below them. People who were mostly in the Royalty class were the King, Queen, Princess, and the Prince. Everyone one in the royalty class played an important role in the kingdom. They ran their government based on a monarchy system. A monarchy is a form of government where sovereignty is in control through one person, a head of state called a monarch. The person in charge of the head position holds their title until death or abdication. Monarchs were usually chosen through bloodline, like being related, usually the son or daughter, of the previous monarch like the king. Just because you were part of royalty doesn’t mean you did nothing, everybody had a job. When the king wasn’t throwing big parties, eating feasts, and living in a palace enjoying life his tasks were the hardest out of everybody in the royalty class. A king’s first role was keeping the peace; happy people meant a striving kingdom. This meant fighting enemies that could be a threat to the kingdom. King’s had to study and learn how to fight in the art of military combat. They had to be ready for everything because if they were not ready this could be the end of his kingdom. A king’s second job had to be the most boring of them all but also the most important; this was maintaining and administering justice. The people came to the king to resolve almost everything like disputes between noblemen, appointing officials and presiding personally over major court cases. Think of kings like modern-day judges for the people in his kingdom. In fact, this job was so important that the king's role in administering justice medieval society that law and order began to fall apart whenever the king was away from his own land for a long period of time. The nobles relied on the king to resolve their disagreements; because he was the only person they would accept a
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