Roylin's The Necklace

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This book is about Roylin trying to impress a girl, then it leads to lies, fear, and threats. When Roylin have his eye on this new girl he goes out the way to impress her. She seemed to like him, And now he is caught in lies and threats. But Roylin figured he don’t need a gorgeous girl to be popular. It all started when Roylin was at his torn down apartment building or “dump” as if Roylin would have called it. He was already angry because nothing was working. Him and his mother said tuttle always go down to the track and bid and not fix anything at their apartment building. Roylin was almost seventeen and had a decent job, but with most of his money went on the insurance on the honda. On Roylin way to school he dashed into the school parking lot, and zoomed into the classroom. That’s when he spotted Korie archer. After class Roylin volunteered to show Korie around and also take her to that jewelry store so she can show him that necklace. Once school was out they went to that jewelry store in the mall and the necklace was three-hundred dollars.…show more content…
Then he drove to his apartment, where him, his mother, his sister, and two brothers lived. Roylin said to himself “maybe Mr. Miller will loan me the money we are such good friends”. But him and Mr. Miller havent talk ever since Roylin started working . Roylin went upstairs to Mr. Miller apartment, Roylin seen door cracked opened so he walked in and seen Mr. Miller sleep in front or the tv. Roylin seen Mr. Miller wallet on the table, he grabbed it and seen nothing but twenties and tens so he took three-hundred dollars. Tuttle lied to Roylin like Mr.Miller figured out someone took the money and had a
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