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Clients diagnosed with a mental disorder is something that is viewed differently from the perspectives of others. This occurs when others lack the knowledge and/or empathy of those affected by their presenting problems. Some individuals may "identify and label individuals with mental and behavioral illnesses as unequal" (Ahmedani, 2011). There are clients that are affected by that perspective from able-bodies individuals; however for R.P., he is accepted as a person over his mental disorder. He is a human being working on improving his mental and physical health. As R.P. is an African American, homosexual man; two trait groups that are controversial issues in society, due to "negative social attitudes directed towards them because of their…show more content…
There are certain situations that can have some overall association based on a client. As for R.P. and presenting problems of major depression, suicidal ideation, and cutting derived from a medical diagnosis, personal strain, and family problems. He experiences the "psychological stress" in his personal lifestyle that affected him internally as a result to his presenting problems (Salleh, M, R., 2008). His psychological stress associated with a medical diagnosis of contracting the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) with information of being informed to live a short lifespan. That information misinformed to R.P. lead his presenting problems to become known. On account of being diagnosed with HIV, and his current sexual orientation, he was internally affected, because of a minimum opportunity to have a relationship with a significant other, and offspring in the future. That can take a toll on an individual with that type of situation, whereas others are able to pursue those opportunities, while there are others that cannot. Also, there are family stressors that usually affects almost every individual. It can be anything related to the way an individual acts, thinks, and/or speaks that is judged by certain family members. As for R.P., he experienced the judgment of being a homosexual individual, instead of being a heterosexual boy/man. As indicated by Sanchez et al. (2009), "conceptions of masculinity affect the self-image and relationships of many gay men." The judgment of R.P. 's sexuality caused an emotional strain on his identity, based on the negative perspective of a family member. The issues related to the client as part of his mental and physical well-being negatively impacted him in a way that was hard for him to

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