R's Gloria Case Study

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R/s Gloria is a drunk and alcoholic and is legally blind. R/s Gloria has 15-year-old daughter and she barely goes to school. R/s there is a possibility the 15-year-old is prostituting. R/s Gloria’s other daughter lives in the home with her 4-year-old and arm-baby. R/s Gloria’s daughter is not taking care of her children because she leaves the children with Gloria and a neighbor name Fred. R/s Gloria is always drunk and the 4-year-old child be playing outside by himself. R/s on Monday night Gloria was pushing the arm baby in the stroller and almost got ran over because she was drunk. R/s it is hearsay that the home is not clean. CLIENT CHARACTERISTICS R/s the 4-year-old goes to Lane Head Start. R/s the 15-year-old barley goes to school and she is not attending a regular school. Also an arm baby is in the home.…show more content…
The house is located between Old Mt. Zion Church and 115 McFarlin St. in Kingstree, SC. CARETAKER CHARACTERISTICS Gloria is a drunk and alcoholic and is legally blind. SOCIAL/ECONOMICAL FACTORS Information is

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