R's Kerry: A Case Study

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R/s 81-year-old Doris Hardee is scared for her life after yesterday. R/s on yesterday Ms. Hardee’s son Kerry was disoriented and came at her with a knife and a bat. R/s Kerry spitted on Ms. Hardee and urinated on the kitchen’s floor. R/s Kerry was walking around naked. R/s Kerry was admitted to Sea Coast Hospital and treated for confusion. R/s Kerry will be release tomorrow, but Ms. Hardee doesn’t want him back in the home. R/s Kerry has nowhere to go and he has no money. R/s Ms. Hardee has Congestive Heart Failure, COPD, and Avib. R/s Ms. Hardee is on oxygen 24/7. R/s Ms. Hardee was just released from the hospital on Monday after being there 6 weeks. R/s Ms. Hardee isn’t able to cook nor bathe herself. R/s Ms. Hardee has a little trouble with
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