Rt1 Response To Intervention

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Response to Intervention, or also known as RtI, was created to help detect the presence of a learning disability. The intervention program is a scientific research-based, base on a student’s response. RtI can only help the regular education students that has academic problems or behavior problem. For academic problem there are three tiers to RtI, and of these tiers tier II and tier III each has a four week time period for evaluation. In the first tier the teacher will let the student continue in wholes group instruction, while documenting the action of that student. Base of what was documented doing tier I the intervention will move on to tier two.If a parent request special education testing for their child the teacher immediately start in tier II, no matter if the teacher was in the middle of tier I or have not even thought about doing a RtI for that student.…show more content…
After four weeks a PST meeting will be held, discussing what was document in the first two tires. If the parent accepted that their child needs special help, tire three will start. After completing all three tiers a MEDC will take place if needed. For behavior problems there are also three tiers to RtI. And like academic RtI, tier I of a behavior RtI the teacher will document the student in whole group instruction. Tier II will be 4 weeks as well and at the end the teacher will have a PST (problem solving team) set in place for the student if needed. Tier III will be 8 weeks long, and if the solution for the student is unsuccessful after the first four weeks of tier III the teacher will need to get all documentation for a initial

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