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The invention of the rubber band by Englishman Stephen Perry in 1845 probably spawned an inquisitive smirk from a few ornery school-age kids. Logical that the first kid who shot one off his thumb across the classroom quickly realized how potentially fun this experience could be.

While there is no record of the actual first gun, specialized to shoot these projectiles, the ideas on how to them airborne certainly sprang with the elasticity of a heavy gauge rubber band. Today there are assortments of rubber band guns, along with a few games to entertain both the eager child, plus the adult looking for an outlet to express his or her inner child.

Rubber Band Guns

Rubber band guns have developed over the years to mirror the changes and technological advances of real guns. From the first Popsicle stick shooter, gun designs have become more elaborate over
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Instead of having to race around touching another player in the game to either put them out, or freeze them in their tracks, the shooter can accomplish the same objective using expert aim with his trusty rubber band shooter of choice.

If you’re not interested in aggressive type adventures where you need to be on the move, rubber band shooters can get together for target types of games; competitive contests to gauge your rubber band shooting accuracy. But, if you’re just not in the mood for a game, you can just sit around the office an annoy your co-workers when work is slow, showing off your finely honed rubber band shooting skills.

Whatever your fancy, rubber bands have come a long way since their creation in the middle of the 19th century. While they perform their designed function very well, holding items together in a bunch, they are also a fun diversion from the mundane. Check out the array of interesting rubber band guns and indulge yourself in a little frivolity, plus show off your shooting

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