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Abstract Objective of this assignment was to design a product. Rubber seal was selected for the designing purpose. This paper includes product requirements, dimensions of the part, selection of base polymer, selection of processing method, appearance and assembly requirements, limitations of seal and tests required for the product. Introduction An O-ring is a torus, or doughnut-shaped ring, generally molded from an elastomer, although O-rings are also made from PTFE and other thermoplastic materials, as well as metals, both hollow and solid. O-rings are used primarily for sealing. There are different advantages of o ring seal which are given below They seal over a wide range of pressure, temperature and tolerance. Ease of service, no smearing…show more content…
Operating temperatures Compatibility with fluid Often a compromise is made when base material is selected for the designing of good quality rubber seal. Because fillers reduce the basic properties of elastomer. All elastomers change their properties when these base rubber contact with a sealed medium. This change depends on the chemistry of medium. This medium can damage the rubber if the temperature is rise. These changes are caused by two mechanism The elastomer absorbs a medium. Plasticizers and other components of the compound are dissolved and extracted or leached out by the media. Therefore there is need of careful selection of base polymer which must compatible with the fluid but also must heat resistance. Two materials are selected which have good compatibility as well as heat resistance. Compound availability is very important in selecting the material otherwise large lead time if such material is selected which is not easily available. Properties of the material are shown in Table 1. Table 2 Properties of Base Polymers Properties NBR Silicone Rubber Heat Resistance Up to 100℃ Up to 204

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