Rube Goldberg Machine Research Paper

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A positive acceleration happened in three places of the Rube Goldberg machine. The first was located at the beginning when the first marbles slides down the shoe (inclined plane). Without enough force and acceleration the marble’s hit wouldn’t be enough to make the car move, too much force and acceleration the marble flies out of the shoe. The second instance is when the weight is added into the pulley system, the harder it falls into the cup going down the higher the other cup lands. The third instance is after the chain of dominoes collapse and send the marble rolling down the inclined plane. The speed of the changes the distance it will go, therefore it had to be the exact acceleration in order for it to land into the cup.

Negative Acceleration is shown when again in the pulley system whereby the string and force of the cup the second cup is pulled up as the same direction of the nvelocity. It then slows down showing two indications of a negative
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As every individual Domino knocks down the other the energy displaced from the first one and into the next one causing them to continuously fall into each other until no more dominoes are left. Another form of transferred energy in this Goldberg machine is when the weight is delivered into the pulley system and transferred into the string and wheel allowing the other cup to move.

Example of energy transformations is shown throughout the whole machine from the chain of dominoes, to the pulley system , the marble to the cup and many more. The best examples would be when the energy built up by every domino pushes each other down causing enough energy to shake and push an object( for example an a battery at the end of the chain). The energy is also transformed when the wheels start turning and the axle begins moving creating speed from the car pushing dominoes. Therefore potential Energy moves To Kinetic which moves to
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