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In today’s busy world people are constantly consumed by technology 24/7 and other distractions that prevent beauty sleep. Ask any average American or full time college student and they might tell you they are suffering from a lack of sleep. In “Has modern life perverted the experience?” author Rubin Naiman attempts to convince readers that in the daily pursuit of full nights’ rest they shouldn’t rely on addictive over the counter sleep medications. Published for the newsletter blog Arts & Letters Daily, Naiman goes to great lengths to explain the side of effects of minimal sleep and artificial sleep aids. Readers who find the topic of slumber unusually gratifying might find this quite boring due to writers lack of simple solutions for the certitude the article spends almost six pages complaining about such as…show more content…
The painting exhibits the Greek goddess Nyx (the goddess of night) and her ever so close in nature son Hypnos (the god of sleep). Author Rubin Naiman uses this theme of characters throughout the article to explain our obsession with closed eyelids. “Mythic perspectives suggest that there is something in the deep waters of sleep worth accessing, and invite us to personally investigate it.” said Naiman. The writer also claims that 30% of adults report at least on symptom of insomnia, including trouble sleeping, staying asleep or obtaining restorative sleep. In a 1998 study by the National Sleep Foundation reported that 12% of Americans sleeps less than six hours per night. The essay also shows that the percent of diagnoses in sleep orders by 266% and prescription medications prescribed to patients also increased by 293%. All these statics do a great job of support the claim that Americans rely on caffeine and alarm clocks rather than cat naps but the question still remains. What solutions does the author give to help the people included in these

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