Ruby Bridge Theme Essay

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The theme is the moral or lesson of the story. Such an empowering and eye opening story like Ruby Bridges, can have multiple themes. Especially when this story is real and doesn't specify what you should learn from the story. And with these type of stories, everyone learns something different. But I believe that one of the many themes of Ruby Bridges is---you shouldn’t judge someone based on their skin tone. As many of the protesters did, despite Ruby’s age and mentality.

The story is about a young colored girl named Ruby Bridges, in 1960 Louisiana. During this time President John F Kennedy made the south integrate their schools, since segregation was (and still is) against the constitution. Since Ruby was very smart for her age she was transferred to an all white school. Her mother, Lucille Bridges, thought it was a great opportunity for Ruby to go to a better school than the one she was currently at. But, she must be escorted by Al Butler. Who was a US Marshal---which was proved to be a good idea---since when she arrived at the school, mobs of protesters had formed. They tried their best to get to Ruby, saying racist slurs and keeping their children away from the school. Like having their children learn in the same building as Ruby was horrifying. Being black, no teacher wanted to teach Ruby, except a
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We know this because of Ruby’s story, and how the white people treated her, without even taking the chance to get to know her. They were stupidly outraged over something so ordinary that would happen in 2016. We also covered that the people that took the time to talk to her, actually adored Ruby and recognized how wonderful and smart she was. It’s safe to say that it was wrong to judge Ruby just because she looked different. And so that’s why this is the theme I thought of---because it’s wrong to judge someone based on their skin
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