Ruby Bridges Informative Speech

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Who was Ruby Bridges you may be wondering. Well today I will take you on a journey of what she went through when she went to an all-white school. She endured treacherous names and torture from her classmates. Even though she was called horrible names and even harassed she, still chose to go to school. Her dad did not like this and refused to let Ruby go to school but Ruby's mom talked him in to letting her go to school. The next day when she went to school her parents came with her and they spent the entire day in the principal's office. She spent it there so that they were not tortured by the class. Today she continues to fight for more rights for African Americans.

Ruby Bridges was born September 8, 1954 she was the child of
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She fought for the rights of African Americans and she fought for equality of all Americans and she also decided to fight for a lot of other things for them. She did not like the fact that her race was being discriminated.

Ruby's accomplishment was getting more rights for African Americans. Some of the rights she fought for were approved and some were not. Some of the things she fought for were helping get more of the African Americans into all-white schools and that was accomplished because today we all go to school together African Americans and all kinds of races are allowed to go to school together.

Ruby did not die yet she is still alive today. Her accomplishment was getting African Americans to go to school together. Her other accomplishment was getting more rights for her race. In my opinion I think Ruby is a great example of a civil rights activist. My other opinion is that maybe she should think about running for president because I think she would be very effective and make an even bigger impact on other African American girls to fight for more equality. In conclusion, Ruby Bridges was a very powerful women and hopefully she will continue to change lives of others. Thanks for reading this
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