Ruby Bridges Speeches

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Ruby Bridges was the first African-American to attend a white school in the south. Ruby was born on September 8th, 1954 in Tylertown, Mississippi. When she was four, her family moved to New Orleans in hopes of a better life. When Ruby was only six years old, she attended her first day at the William Frantz Elementary school. Every day U.S. Marshals had to escort Ruby to school, to ensure that no one would hurt her. Ruby went to a all white school because Judge J. Skelly Wright ordered schools to integrate. Black children had to take a test and the top five scores were asked to integrate. In the 1960, six-year-old Ruby Bridges changed America by walking up the steps of a white only school to gain an education. To survive this experience, Ruby had to rise above the prejudice, face her fears, and find the strength in her faith. Ruby overcame abundance of prejudice. Everyday marshals had to take her to school because Ruby received so many threats. At William Frantz School there was a crowd of people protesting not to let Ruby go to school there, and when Ruby walked by they would scream and yell mean things to her. Parents to their kids out of school because…show more content…
Her family had a picture of Jesus in their house and went to church often. When Ruby could not sleep her mom told her to pray to god for help and to protect her. Also before every meal her family prayed and when Ruby drank tea with Dr. Cole she made him pray before drank any. Ruby prayed for many people, she even prayed for the hecklers outside of the school. Ruby trusted that God would help her get through school. It wasn’t just Ruby who believed in god, her mom also prayed a lot for Ruby and Abon. Dr. Cole as well had faith in Ruby that she would change and show improvement in the way she acted. Ruby had to overcome a lot of things during her time at William Frantz, prejudice, facing her fears, and finding her strength in faith were just some of
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