Ruby Bute's Artistry: 'Snow White, And The Seven Dwarfs'

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Ruby Bute’s Artistry Ruby Bute was born in Aruba of St. Maarten parents. She was raised in an area called ‘The village’ which was home to settlers who worked at the Lago oil refinery. Ruby’s mother was a storyteller. All the younger children would come and attend the storytelling. Amongst all the stories, Ruby liked ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs’ the most. The story itself did not matter as much to Ruby as the colored illustrations were. She fell in love with the colors that they used and after her mother’s storytelling she would go and try to mimic the colors and pattern of the illustrations. She 's been painting since the age of six but it is not until the age of forty that she began to hold exhibitions. In the early 1970 's, Ruby moved to St. Maarten, her parents ' homeland and in 1983 she held her first solo exhibition. It is thought to be the first one-woman exhibition of the island. In this picture palm trees opens up a painting of a serene beach landscape. The painting shows a shore of a beach and a town in the distance. On the left-hand side there is an ocean wherein lingers three fishing boats. On the shore to the right-hand side stands a wooden hut surrounded by palm trees. Directly in front of the hut is a beached fishing boat. Scattered across the shoreline there lay moss and seaweed. Green lush hills surround the beach and town and the skyline is a contrast between dark and light blue with vivid white clouds. This art piece was masterfully

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