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Ruby Tuesday operates on a documented code of ethical conduct that governs both the internal and external affairs of the company. As Chief Executive Officer of Ruby Tuesday, I deem the code of conduct an essential part of the overall functioning of the business. Customer satisfaction, issues pertaining to employees and legal compliance form the foundation for efficiency and sustainability of any business. The code provides a balance and allows for transparency in terms of the expectations and duties of all stakeholders. All aspects of the code of ethics of Ruby Tuesday are important to the viability of the company. Of particular importance, however, are the sections that pertain to honesty and integrity of conducting business transactions,…show more content…
Chief among the steps is sensitizing the workers to the code of conduct and constantly reminding them through workshops and seminars. Once workers are sensitized, the next step is to have them sign contracts that address adherence to the code of conduct. The company can use the signed contract as a point of reference should the code be breeched at any time. Management could also put a system in place where a selected subgroup deals with breeches of the code quickly and efficiently. By doing this, the subgroup can eliminate any further problems that may arise. Finally, incentivizing the efforts of workers can go a long way in reinforcing the code of conduct. Workers who are encouraged in one way or another tend to want to continue working hard and consider it their duty in observing the code of…show more content…
Organizations today have the added responsibility of impacting the society and natural environment (Amato, Henderson and Florence, 2009). Ruby Tuesday, in giving back to the community, could firstly implement an outreach program where at least once per month the company donates food to neighboring shelters. The growing number of dependents sometimes burden shelters and so donations of food from companies like Ruby Tuesday would be helpful. Secondly, Ruby Tuesday, as a large food franchise, could assist in raising funds to assist the homeless in the community. The company could have a particular day every week when volunteers deliver hot meal to the homeless in the area. The leftover food from the company is sometimes excessive and could be used to someone’s benefit. Catering to the homeless would be a humane gesture. Finally, the company could donate part proceeds to charitable projects in the community. An example of such projects could be the renovation of a children’s park or projects that help to make the community more environmentally friendly. The community would laud the company for these acts of

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