Rudeness In The Presidential Debate

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There is a lot of unnecessary rudeness going on in the world. There is a lot of rudeness advertise in the presidential debates. The presidential debates contain some much rudeness between the candidates. The way the candidates cut each other off while talking and talk about each other face to face makes it seem like the U.S. is perfectly fine with being rude. There should be no rudeness televised on National Television, especially between people who could possibly be the future president.
The perspective of this article is from the audience. Trump was seen as rude and very arrogant. In the Presidential debate, Donald Trump would not let Hillary Clinton talked her proper time. Hilary always got interrupted by Trump.
As the audience, a fear
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They could all be work together to try to make the debates a little more controlled and professional by allowing all the candidates to corporate in a respectful and organized manner. That could be a common ground for the three different perspectives to come together. The presidential debate is something that is aired on national television, so monitoring that could be something to agree upon.
The fears of the three different perspectives could be from someone else winning. Candidates end up being rude because they want to make the other person look stupid, and they are afraid of losing. Be afraid to lose or being afraid of someone that someone do not want in office is common for all three. All the money and hard-work that candidates put in makes them even more competitive, so competitive that they will do anything to win. The rudeness they practice on national television is something that can leave an effect on the world.
Rudeness is not something that should be modeled by the United States. We should be practicing kindness to each other and promotes the values of life which make people happy. Presidential debates are not bad, but they should be monitored and should provide more restrictions. The U.S, as a whole, should not be viewed as something that is bad. In fact, the U.S should be known as the

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