Rudolf Hess Conspiracy

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The Demise of Rudolf Hess Randolph Bourne once said that “society is one vast conspiracy for carving one into the kind of statue likes, and then placing it in the most convenient niche it has.” One large conspiracy theory surrounds none other than Rudolf Hess, a notorious leader of the Nazi administration renowned for his inexplicable solo flight to England during World War II to negotiate peace with the British. Interestingly, that is all solid evidence can trace about Hess’s life-his story remains a mystery after his arrival in Scotland. There are two main conspiracy theories concerning his death after his advent: confidential assassination and straightforward suicide. Rudolf Hess’s life was full of mystery, but throughout time, scholars…show more content…
From the time of his capture in London to his official death-named as suicide-in the Spandau prison, he had attempted to kill himself on multiple occasions, including his time in London after Hitler heard of Hess’s failure and disseminating him as “insane” (“Rudolf Hess”). Additionally, while Hess was being held captive in England, he kept protesting that his food was being intoxicated, which may demonstrate his mental instability (Unsolved Political Mysteries 30). Hess’s main actions after the declared failure of his self-proclaimed missions-suicide attempts and food poisoning accusations-brings a possibility that Hess was psychotic, resulting in his final successful attempt at suicide in 1987. Likewise, in the time that Hess was incarcerated at Spandau, Hess became very anti-social (he was the sole prisoner of Spandau for the majority of the time), developed serious physical health issues like hypochondria and gastrointestinal complications, and may have also suffered psychogenic precariousness (Strange and Engigmatic Characters 207). In the end, “On August 17, 1987, he was found strangled to death in a cabin in the exercise yard at Spandau prison. Apparently, he choked himself to death with an electrical cord he found there.”“The official cause of death was labeled as suicide (“Hitler’s Last Henchman Dies”; “Rudolf…show more content…
In the “murder” theory, it essentially claims that Rudolf Hess was liquidated by the British government during his temporary imprisonment in London and a British operative was just posing for him in the Nuremburg trials to cover up the machination. Contrary to the murder theory, the suicide postulate is very straightforward-Hess committed suicide in 1987 from his mental conditions and his numerous suicide attempts in the past. Irrevocably, aside from Hess’s death theories, his departure remains as an enigma in world history, reflecting the very nature of his past life and actions. Rudolf Hess’s mystery is just another addition to the stockpile of undiscovered schemes and classified events of the remorseless Nazi

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