Rudolf Hess Is A Perpetrator

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To begin, Rudolf Hess is a perpetrator because he was involved in killing and torturing many Jewish people. Even from a young age, Rudolf Hess blamed the Jewish people for the problems within Germany (UXL Biographies 1). After the war, which Germany lost, the country was in debt, and people were looking for something to blame. They turned to Jewish people. Adolf HItler assigned Rudolf Hess to many concentration camps where he was in charge of the deaths of many Jewish people. Closing sentence Additionally, Rudolf Hess was willing to do anything to Jewish people. As mentioned before, Rudolf Hess blamed the Jewish people for the defeat in the war. This caused him the mindset of thinking all Jewish people are bad and we need to get rid of them. Rudolf Hess was eager to use barbarous Nazi methods to fight their enemy (Low 105). The fact that he wanted to do anything to the Jewish people, exhibits a new vision for Adolf Hitler’s minions. CLOSING SENTENCE In addition, although Rudolf Hess did not kill Jewish people himself, he gave the orders. He also signed the Nuremberg Laws which took German Jewish people from their citizenship and stopped them from participating in many jobs (UXL Biographies 2). The moment Rudolf Hess signed those laws, he was telling Germany that he did not care for the Jewish people. FINISH THIS PARAGRAPH Rudolf Hess was a perpetrator during the Holocaust because he was willing to do anything for his country. He was quoted saying, “he would have done

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