Rudolf Hess Is A Perpetrator

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To begin, Rudolf Hess is a perpetrator because he was involved in killing and torturing many Jewish people. Even from a young age, Rudolf Hess blamed the Jewish people for the problems within Germany (UXL Biographies 1). After the war, which Germany lost, the country was in debt, and people were looking for something to blame. They turned to Jewish people. Adolf HItler assigned Rudolf Hess to many concentration camps where he was in charge of the deaths of many Jewish people. Closing sentence Additionally, Rudolf Hess was willing to do anything to Jewish people. As mentioned before, Rudolf Hess blamed the Jewish people for the defeat in the war. This caused him the mindset of thinking all Jewish people are bad and we need to get rid of them.…show more content…
He was quoted saying, “he would have done everything to protect my people from these criminals and I would not have had a bad conscience about it” (Low 5). This proves that Rudolf Hess did not think twice about doing what he thought was best for his country. First, Rudolf Hess would participate in fights if anyone were to speak out against Adolf Hitler. Not only would he fight those people, but also people who would disrupt Adolf Hitler’s speeches.
Furthermore, Adolf Hitler was able to trust Rudolf Hess with many crucial tasks. After Adolf Hitler tried taking over Germany, him and Rudolf Hess were imprisoned together. While there, Rudolf Hess helped Adolf Hitler write his book, Mein Kampf (UXL Biographies 2). This was like a test for Adolf Hitler. Could he trust Rudolf Hess to help him with important matters? The answer is yes. Once they were released from prison, Adolf Hitler made Rudolf Hess his personal secretary. This confirmed that he trusted Rudolf Hess with many secretive plans. Similarly, in 1939, Adolf Hitler chose Rudolf Hess to be the second in line to be head of Germy if anything were to happen to him and the number one person which was SOMEONE (UXL Biographies 2). CLOSING
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Even when Rudolf Hess was young, he knew that Germany needed a dictator to restore it. He was also looked for someone to fight against the enemy which, in his eyes, were Jewish people. When he heard one of Adolf Hitler’s speeches, he felt “as though overcome by a vision by a vision” (Yad Vashem- The World Holocaust Remembrance Center). The moment Rudolf Hess heard Adolf Hitler, he knew he had found the only one who could make Germany a powerful country. In one of Rudolf Hess’s speeches he says, “With pride we see that one man remains beyond all criticism, that is the Fuhrer. This is because everyone feels and knows: he is right, and he will always be right (Catherwood 1). Rudolf Hess fell into the state of mind that Adolf Hitler was above even the gods, and he could do no wrong. Similarly, Rudolf Hess was quoted multiple times saying things such as, “[Hitler is] a wonderful human being (Low 6) and “[he is] the greatest son Germany haad brought forth in its thousand- year history” (Low 109). The way Rudolf Hess worshiped Adolf Hitler is like how a dog worships his
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