Rudolf Hess's Role In The Holocaust

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Imagine the Holocaust is over and you’re one of the survivors. You walk into a court because you were asked to be a witness. You look up and look at two people. One being the SS commander, Rudolf Hess and the other one being the oath taker. In Germany, before the German people served as soldiers, they were compelled to take an oath, saying that they are loyal to Adolf Hitler. Rudolf Hess was a SS commander of the concentration camp at Auschwitz which is in Poland. The oath taker is the person who takes the oath of being loyal to Hitler. Rudolf Hess’s role in the Holocaust was to overlook Auschwitz and follow given orders from Himmler. The oath taker’s role in the Holocaust was to work in a defense plant for the war. The oath taker took some time into thinking whether he wanted to take the oath and in the end he choose to take the oath. Rudolf Hess said that, he a SS soldier aren’t supposed to think that if the Jews were as a matter of fact, his enemy. Rudolf Hess is more responsible for the outcome of the Holocaust than the unknown factory worker.…show more content…
“ I must accentuate that I personally don’t have anything personally against them. It’s true that I view the Jews as enemies of Germany.” If you don’t have anything against the victims of the Holocaust, especially the Jews then why even bother hurting them in the first place. The Jews didn’t do anything to you. You don’t have the right to hurt them anyways. Although anti-semitism plays a huge role in this, you don’t really have any reason other than hate to hurt the Jews. “ It was already foretold that all the blame would be on the Jews.” WWI is not the Jews fault, one of the reasons it started was because of the secret alliances. Germans blame the Jews of WWI because of anti-semitism they should know one the other reason why WWI started was also because of
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