Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner's The Philosophy Of Freedom

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An Austrian philosopher Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner had gained recognition in the nineteenth century for publishing his philosophical works including “The Philosophy of Freedom”. His works address the question to which extent a man is said to be free. The first part of his work mentions Freedom in human thinking which is the most essential with respect to this topic. The second part of his works include conditions necessary for freedom of action, that is, external causality and its results. He also includes ethical individualism which is a part of moral philosophy. In the European countries there is a law that states that racism and xenophobic behaviour is not permitted and it is punishable depending on how severe the situation is. This decision applies to all the offences committed within the territory of the European Union. However the first amendment in the United states constitution prevents the authorities to promote any specific religion over the others and guarantees the freedom of speech and expression hence allowing the citizens to speak freely anywhere including the press. As a result of the same in the US Supreme Court voided the conviction, in 1992 of, many teenagers who were involved in burning a crudely fashioned cross on a black family’s lawn. However in Europe, there was a case where A French author, Roger Garaudy was convicted for racism, discrimination, hatred towards the Jews in his book that was published in 1995 claiming that the holocaust was a

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