Rudolfo Anaya's A Celebration Of Grandfathers

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About 65.7 million informal/ family caregivers provide care to someone who is ill, disabled or aged in the US. Out of that 52 million are family members which could decrease to 32 million be 2020. This may possibly happen because many people don’t comprehend that we should listen to our elders owing the fact that they are wiser. In the non-fiction short story “A Celebration of Grandfathers” Antonio understands how precious and valuable elders are, but also how wise they are and why we should care for them. Rudolfo Anaya uses Antonio’s good personality to show how much respect he has toward elders especially his grandfather. For instance, “Buenos Dias, abuelo…This is how I was taught as a child to greet my grandfather…it…show more content…
Antonio relishes listening to his stories since he knows what his grandfather’s experienced to gain the wisdom he has. One example of him sharing his knowledge is, “After he had covered my welts with the cool mud from irrigation ditch, my grandfather calmly said” Know where you stand” (Anaya paragraph 15). This advice Antonio’s grandfather gave him was “know where you stand” which could mean many things. It his scenario it meant literally to know where you stand ,so you don’t step on anything. It could’ve also meant understand who you are in his world or even to be aware of your surroundings. Elders are so prudent there may be times when one small fale doesn’t know how to comprehend the smallest phrases, sentences, or even words. Another, occasion of his grandfather’s wisdom is” in the sadness and with the impulse of my youth I said, “I wish it could rain!” My grandfather touched me, looked up into the sky and whispered,” pray for rain” (Anaya paragraph 16). The narrator, Antonio, even understands the instinct (urge) of his youth and how that is different from his grandfather's wisdom. The grandfather tells Antonio very calmly rather than being full of emotion and full of energy like him. Antonio learns much from the stories and interprets that because of his youth he doesn’t have the wisdom of his
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