Rudy Giuliani Analysis

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The heated debate over Caucasian policeman abusing power in African American areas in the United States has been recently one of the leading topics in media, as a result of a contentious shooting in the town of Ferguson. The NBC News channel invited three authorities on the subject to discuss recent events. Anthony Gray, Michael Brown’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, a former NYC mayor and Michael Dyson, a sociology professor from Georgetown University. The debate caused strong controversy. Analyzing particularly Rudy Giuliani’s tone I found it to be highly contemptuous and somewhat elitist, marginalizing Afroamerican communities that encounter authority abuse on a daily basis and excluding them as an inferior social group. The emotions during the …show more content…

“What about the poor black child that is killed by another black child? Why aren't you protesting that?” The argument is surprisingly invalid, coming from a New York City mayor. A sociology professor and a lawyer obviously would protest, but that is not what the debate is regarding. Though not referring to any particular situation, Giuliani speaks of “the poor black child”, attempting to be more dramatic, as if he was mentioning a specific case, not some scenario. For an unknown reason, the speaker suggest that “the child is killed by another black child”, though a scenario would make the same sense referring to a child of any descent. This random situation the ex-mayor introduces is of contentious value in the debate, but it also makes unfair assumptions about the Afroamerican community. Seemingly compassionate, Giuliani simply strays from the point of the discussion. To support it, he refers to Ferguson case saying: “We are talking about the significant exception.” Though on one side he tries to take any blame off the white policeman, he attempts to diminish the importance of the particular case by calling it a significant exception. Even if it is one, is it unnecessary to conduct an in-depth investigation? The ex-mayor might have a point that there are other areas of high relevance, he seems to take questionably legitimate measures to make this certain situation seems as blown out of proportion. The opinion he expresses is not just an opinion, but a highly racially biased statement that ignores some obvious

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