Rudy Persuasive Essay For College

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Walking on to a division one college football team can sound extremely daunting, because of all of the extraordinarily accomplished athletes on a stereotypical college football team. Were highly recruited from middle school. But most of the adolescent in high school that just pour out their blood, sweat, and tears on the football field just to be recruited by three or four division two schools in the middle of nowhere, or having to relegate and go to a junior college and play there for their freshman and sophomore years of college. With the hopefulness that a division one college football school would somehow offer you a scholarship for your last junior and senior years in college. But some student athletes take the road that’s starting to gain some traction because of the multimedia movies for example the movie Rudy. Every football player has heard or witnessed the Heartland Film Festival award winning movie Rudy. A heart-warming and triumphant movie around a teenage named Rudy Ruettiger, who’s life goal is to play for the college football powerhouse Notre Dame. But he does not have the money or the grades to be awarded a scholarship. He eventually overcame his dyslexion and achieve admission to University of Notre Dame and…show more content…
But his day of triumph came two day later when he was the campus dinner hall. The excitement on his face when he answered to phone call and it was, Coach Adam’s giving him a call letting him know that Rashad just received a spot on the West Virginia Football as a walk on freshman. I was wording what was this demeanor was during that phone call. What he told me was puzzling because, all the stressing he did for those two days, he told me that “I just know that I was going take the team the whole time, just because of my performance on the football field I just knew.” The days after his first football practice with the WVU football
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